Hey y’all

I’m super duper happy to tell you all that I’m finally self motivated to crack my exams. I’m gonna enjoy this rollercoaster of a ride and give my 110 %. It’s now or never!

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A Shock

Yesterday while I was trying to convince my mind to study, I heard the landline ringing loudly for me to answer it. It was a friend of me who I suppose was panicking as I could barely understand her quivering voice. She said, “Zara isn’t home yet. It is 10 pm and she hasn’t returned […]

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What now?

I am on to chasing my dreams. The path is hard, lot of obstacles, lot of struggle, lot of hardwork, but absolutely worth it.

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Hello People!

I am Apparent Dreamer. Yes, I dream “apparently”. Or maybe you can say that I am unlike others, who doesn’t dreams but lives in the reality, – a world apparently equivalent to an utopian dream land. And did I forget to mention that you’ll rarely cross paths with me? Signing off, Apparent Dreamer

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